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In addition to buried metal pipelines, cathodic protection is used for above-ground steel tanks, plant piping, docks, piers, heat exchangers and other metallic structures. To maintain structural integrity and reduce the high costs associated with replacing metal structures, corrosion experts recommend cathodic protection, which applies DC current to a metal to slow or stop corrosion.

There are two types of cathodic protection systems:

  • Galvanic systems don’t require an outside power source, using active-metal anodes and voltage differential to generate a low current to protect the metal. Essentially, the active metal sacrifices itself so that it corrodes while the protected metal doesn’t.
  • When galvanic cathodic protection isn’t powerful enough, impressed current systems are used. They use an external power supply and a rectifier to drive current off the anode to polarize the surface being protected. When constant, stable reference is needed, cathodic protection reference electrodes are used.
Cathodic Protection Stations

For all systems, a cathodic protection testing station is essential for marking the location and providing access to data to ensure the system is working. Models available from OSCO include simple two-wire units connected to the pipeline to more involved test stations with monitoring devices.

OSCO cathodic protection testing stations make it easy to take electrical measurements or readings on structures that are inaccessible. Technicians can also use a test station to monitor a stationary reference electrode, monitor anodes and determine if a buried pipeline isolator is functional.

To make them easy for technicians to locate, OSCO cathodic protection testing stations are available in a variety of colors. Caps protect the station from dirt and weather, and anchors keep it secured.


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