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Fiberglass Grating Clips & Grating Fasteners

Anchor your fiberglass grating to a structural member using fiberglass grating clips from OSCO. Made of stainless steel for long-lasting performance, grating fasteners are available in a range of styles to secure a variety of grating thicknesses and grid patterns to support structures.

Complete Selection Of Fiberglass Grating Clips

Sometimes called saddle clips or hold-down clips, grating fasteners from OSCO can be quickly installed with ordinary hand tools. The different styles make it easy to attach molded and pultruded grating panels regardless of whether you have steel structures or FRP support structures. Some fiberglass grating clips connect over the bearing bars and others connect through the grid pattern. Our team can help you select the perfect grating fasteners for the type of grating panels you’re using. It’s recommended that fiberglass grating clips be spaced no more than 4' apart.

  • Fastener Types
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Molded and Pultruded Grating Fasteners

OSCO Molded and Pultruded W Clip (Washer Clip) Fastener
W Clip (Washer Clip)

The washer style of these grating clips is perfect for securing plate grating or grating with a plate on the top. Choose the bolt length based on the height of the panel.

OSCO Molded and Pultruded L Clip (J Clip) Fastener
L Clip (J Clip)

An L Clip fits over the support bar used with grating for moderate loads, fastening the bar to the structural surface.

OSCO Molded and Pultruded M Clip (Saddle Clip) Fastener
M Clip (Saddle Clip)

These clips fit over two adjacent grating bars to provide support and secure them to the structural surface.

Fastener Location Examples

OSCO Fastener Location Example Schematic 1
OSCO Fastener Location Example Schematic 2
OSCO Fastener Location Example Schematic 3

Additional Fasteners

OSCO T Clip Fastener
T Clip

T Clips are specifically designed for securing pultruded grating to the structural surface or support frame.

OSCO C Clip Fastener
C Clip (End Panel Clip)

Used to connect two ends of molded grating, C Clips are placed every 2' to 3' to ensure that indensity requirements are met.

OSCO J Bolt Fastener
J Bolts

Secure grating to a support bar with these simple bolts.

OSCO G Clip Fastener
G Clip

No drilling is needed when using G Clips to secure grating to a structural member flange with a thickness up to .75".

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Along with fiberglass grating clips for pultruded fiberglass grating and FRP molded grating, OSCO is your complete resource for a variety of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) industrial safety products. Choose OSCO for ReadySeries materials, fiberglass stair treads and other FRP structures. We’re also your one-stop shop for utility markers, cathodic protection testing systems, marking flags and vinyl safety signs and decals.

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