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The FRP Difference

OSCO uses materials made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic because pound for pound it offers the strength of steel at significantly lower weight. The lighter weight reduces shipping costs and makes installation easier, and the high-strength ensures that FRP materials can handle any job.

Best of all, FRP holds up for the ultimate in structural safety where other materials can’t:

Table comparing FRP to steel, aluminum, and wood

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Whether you’re pounding in a marker post or installing a multi-story stair tower, FRP solutions make it easy. You don’t have to learn how to weld. You don’t have to apply protective paint and then re-apply it every year. You don’t have to sand. You don’t need special equipment or skills. All you need are ordinary tools for assembly — and because FRP is virtually maintenance-free, you don’t have to spend valuable time and money on upkeep year after year.  

Installing using bolts, nuts using a socket wrench.

Multiple Configurations

OSCO also doesn’t lock you into specific configurations that you have to try to make work. Along with the many possibilities of ReadySeries solutions, we can have FRP profiles and grating formed to meet the exact needs of your specifications. You can bring your designs to us, or our team can design a solution for you.

OSCO Platform with Side Stairs
OSCO Platform with Centered Stairs
OSCO Platform with Off-Centered Stairs

One Resource For All Your Safety Needs

OSCO is committed to helping customers meet safety challenges. From marking flags and posts to an almost endless array of structural solutions that last for decades, OSCO is your full-service partner.

Should you need everything from design through assembly or just need a replacement part in a hurry,
count on OSCO.

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