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Complete FRP Ladder Solution

Whether you need a tall wall-mount ladder for roof access or just need a few ladder rungs up to a platform, ReadyLadder has your ladder safety needs covered. All ReadyLadder FRP ladder materials from OSCO meet OSHA ladder guidelines for worker safety. Many durability and safety features are manufactured into ReadyLadder, including anti-slip ladder rung surfaces, fire-retardant resins and integrated safety yellow coloring. FRP fixed-access ladders meet the demands of load-carrying conditions, and OSCO can also get you a safety cage if needed.

Built To Last

Unlike steel, ReadyLadder FRP ladder materials won’t rust or corrode, and no ongoing maintenance is needed to sand and repaint. ReadyLadder components also are resistant to chemicals and saltwater, so you can use ReadyLadder solutions in even the harshest industrial conditions and extreme weather. The risk of shock is reduced as well, because ReadyLadder materials don’t conduct electricity.

FRP ladders:

  • Won’t corrode or rust, so they’re ideal for humid or corrosive environments
  • Won’t shrink, swell or warp
  • Won’t conduct electricity, reducing the risk of shock
  • Include fire-retardant resins and UV inhibitors for added safety and durability
  • Include safety yellow coloring integrated within the material so it can’t flake away or wear off 
  • Comply with OSHA guidelines 
  • Are maintenance-free for long-term operational savings

Easy To Install

With ReadyLadder FRP ladders, you won’t have to rent a welding unit or hire a contractor with special skills. All ReadySeries fixed-access ladders install with standard tools. The light weight of FRP makes transportation and installation around the jobsite easy. 

OSCO offers ReadyLadder sections in 10' and 15' increments. Mounting brackets are provided, and, if needed, you can quickly trim one section for a perfect fits. You’ll get the configuration you need without waiting for a custom build. You can also add a ReadyLadder walk-through, plus you can combine ReadyLadder sections with ReadyPlatform, ReadyRail and ReadyStair materials for almost limitless FRP safety structure possibilities. 


  • Cement & concrete companies
  • Cooling towers
  • Distribution & warehousing
  • Fertilizer & chemical operations
  • Food & beverage facilities
  • Fracking
  • Industrial plants & facilities
  • Mining & aggregates
  • Oil & gas
  • Power generation & utilities
  • Water & wastewater
  • Much more

Count On OSCO For All Your Safety Solutions

Along with ReadyLadder and other ReadySeries materials, OSCO is your complete resource for a variety of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) industrial safety products, including pultruded fiberglass gratingFRP molded grating and other FRP structures. We’re also your one-stop shop for utility markers, cathodic protection testing systems, marking flags and vinyl safety signs and decals.

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