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Test Station Unit

Mark underground facilities, right-of-way locations and more with the rugged Test Station Unit. Made from a tough thermoplastic elastomer and an anchor for added security, it’s built to last for years. A Big Fink® test station cap is attached, and an optional custom decal is available.

Product/Part No: BTSU072ccTTCcc

Material:Polyethylene post; polycarbonate cap
Width:3.5" (8.89 cm)
Available Length (LL): 72" (1.829 m)
Standard Post Colors (cc): White (01)
Yellow (02)
Orange (04)
Standard Enhancer Colors (cc): Black (00)
White (01)
Yellow (02)
Brown (03)
Orange (04)
Red (05)
Green (07)
Blue (08)
Part No. Example: BTSU07201TTC05 = 72" length, white post, red cap