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  • Reduced Injury Risk: Slips and falls are the primary causes of workplace injuries. Along with anti-slip surfaces on platforms and walkways, OSCO offers a range of fall-protection solutions including fixed-access ladders, guardrails, safety gates and more. 
  • Dimensional Stability: While steel rusts and corrodes and wood swells and shrinks, FRP is stable. This not only ensures long-term service, but it also reduces the risk of gaps, tripping hazards and more.  

The Advantages of FRP

  • Resists Corrosion — Fiberglass doesn’t warp, rust or rot, plus it absorbs little moisture.
  • High Strength — Pound for pound, FRP delivers the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight.
  • Easy To Install — Only standard tools are needed.
  • Stable — Fiberglass doesn’t swell or shrink, ensuring dimensional stability.
  • Built-In Safety Features — Nonslip surfaces are available, plus FRP is nonconductive to reduce the risk of shock. 
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free — Coloring is molded throughout, so it never needs painting.


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