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Survey/Boundary Marker

The profile of the Survey/Boundary Marker includes a dual-rib structure for strength while maintaining the ability to flex. Decals can be placed on one side of the post, and the high-strength design makes it easy to drive into all types of soils, making it ideal for highlighting boundaries or points of interest.

Product/Part No: BSBM0LLcc 

Material:Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
Width:2.5" (6.6 cm)
Lengths (LL):62" (1.575 m)
66" (1.676 m)
72" (1.829 m)
Weight:.34 lbs/ft
Standard Colors (cc):White (01)
Yellow (02)
Brown (03)
Orange (04)
Red (05)
Green (07)
Blue (08)
Part No. Example: BSBM06205 = 62" length in red