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Sure Flex Marker

The special Sure-Flex Marker design ensures it has the strength to be driven into hard soils as well as the flexibility needed to handle heavy winds and harsh weather conditions. Decals can be placed on both sides of the poles, and an optional anchor is available for added security. Reinforcing ribs molded along the lengthwise edges add still more strength, and a pointed end eases ground penetration.

Product/Part No: BSFM0LLcc 

Material:Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
Width:3.8" (9.6 cm)
Lengths (LL):62" (1.575 m)
66" (1.676 m)
72" (1.829 m)
78" (1.981 m)
Weight:.58 lbs/ft
Standard Colors (cc):Black (00)
White (01)
Yellow (02)
Brown (03)
Orange (04)
Red (05)
Green (07)
Blue (08)
Purple (09)
Part No. Example: BSFM06205 = 62" length in red