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Slim Jim Marker

The economical Slim Jim marker allows for the placement of decals on one side of the post. It can be used to identify service lines, meters, valves and other situations that require low-profile or temporary identification. In areas that receive snow, the Slim Jim can also be attached to existing road markers in the fall and removed in the spring, providing a guide for snowplow operators to avoid hitting road markers.

Product/Part No: SNFB0LLcc

Material:Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
Width:1" (25.4 mm)
Lengths (LL):60" (1.524 m)
72" (1.829 m)
Weight:.13 lbs/ft
Standard Colors (cc):White (01)
Orange (04)
Blue (08)
Part No. Example: SNFB06008 = 60" length in blue