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Dual-Rail Marker

The general purpose Dual-Rail Marker is strong with reinforced ribs while designed to flex when necessary. Decals can be placed on both sides of the post while protecting the warning and identification markings. Reinforcing ribs molded along the lengthwise edges add still more strength, and a pointed end makes for easier ground penetration.

Product/Part No: BDRM0LLcc 

Material:Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
Width:4" (10.2 cm)
Lengths (LL):66" (1.676 m)
72" (1.829 m)
78" (1.981 m)
Weight:.50 lbs/ft
Standard Colors (cc):White (01)
Yellow (02)
Red (05)
Part No. Example: BDRM06605 = 66" length in red