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1" X 1" X 4" Rectangular Grid

1" Thick | 68% Open

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CONCENTRATED LOAD in lb/ft of width

Concentrated Load Illustration
Span5010015020025050010002000Max Load (lb/ft)Apparent EI x 106 (lb-in2)

UNIFORM LOAD in lb/ft2

Molded Grating Uniform Load Illustration
Span5010015020025050010002000Max Load (lb/ft2)Apparent EI x 106 (lb-in2)

Properties Per Foot of Width

Properties Per Foot of Width# of BarsLoad Bar WidthBar CentersWeight/sq ft
A = 2.69 in2 I = 0.22 in4 S = 0.45 in3120.25"1"2.61
  • Tables were developed in accordance with the test method developed by the Fiberglass Grating Manufacturers Council (FGMC) of the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) for the Fiberglass Grating Standard.
  • The designer should not exceed MAXIMUM RECOMMENDED load at any time. ULTIMATE CAPACITY represents MAX LOAD observed at initial fracture.
  • Walking loads for maintenance traffic are typically a live load of 50 PSF. Deflections for worker comfort are typically limited to 0.375" (3⁄8") or SPAN divided by 120 under full live load. For a firmer feel under full live load or a line load 250 lb/ft of width, limit deflections to 0.25" (1/4") or SPAN divided by 200.
  • The loads represented are for STATIC LOAD CONDITIONS at ambient temperature. Deflections for impact loads or dynamic loads will MULTIPLY the deflections shown by 2. Long term loads will result in added deflection due to creep in the material and will require higher factors of safety to ensure acceptable performance.
  • Deflections are limited to 0.5" (1/2") as recommended by the Fiberglass Grating Manufacturers Council of the American Composites Manufacturers Association.
1 x 1 x 4 Rectangle FRP Molding Grating Tech Illustration
ThicknessMesh SizeResinColorPanel SizeTop Surface
1"1" x 4"IFRDark Gray3' x 10'Grit Top
1"1" x 4"IFRDark Gray4' x 12'Grit Top
1"1" x 4"IFRGreen3' x 10'Grit Top
1"1" x 4"IFRGreen4' x 12'Grit Top
*Additional panel sizes and color variations available upon request