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FRP Stairs and Platforms

ReadyStair materials can be combined with the ReadySeries lineup to create a variety of configurations, or they can be used as a standalone set of fiberglass stairs. Combining FRP stairs and platforms with ReadyRail guardrails is common for applications such as catwalks and stair towers. Because of the extreme durability of FRP, ReadyStair fiberglass stairs are the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor staircases. 

Many durability and safety features are manufactured into ReadyStair fiberglass stairs, including fire-retardant resins and integrated safety yellow coloring. The fiberglass stair treads include anti-slip surfaces. All ReadyStair components meet strict OSHA stairs guidelines for worker safety, meet the demands for load-carrying conditions, and are non-conductive and impact-resistant.

Outstanding Investment

Like all ReadySeries materials, ReadyStair fiberglass stairs won’t rust, corrode, warp, rot or swell. Pound for pound, they have the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight, so you can save on shipping costs. You don’t have the constant repair costs of steel because FRP not only doesn’t rust, but it also is resistant to chemicals, saltwater and more. From harsh weather to corrosive environments, FRP stairs and platforms stand strong. You get ongoing operational savings, too, because ReadyStair solutions are virtually maintenance-free.

No Custom Configuration Needed

ReadySeries materials are stocked for fast shipping, so OSCO can quickly get you the ReadyStair, ReadyPlatform and ReadyRail components needed for your project. You’ll save the time and expense of a custom fabrication, because the pre-engineered ReadySeries materials combine seamlessly into whatever configuration is needed. OSCO’s knowledgeable team can work with you to ensure you have FRP stairs and platforms that meet your specific needs and will last for decades. 

For configurations such as stair towers, ReadyStair has you covered with complete stair tower systems designed for easy installation. ReadyStair stair towers fit in a 7' 6" x 12' nominal footprint, rising in 6' increments between landings. If needed, a short flight of stairs is provided for the final transition at the top.

No Special Tools Needed

With ReadyStair fiberglass stairs, you won’t have to rent a welding unit or hire a contractor with special skills. All ReadySeries FRP stairs, platforms and rails install with standard tools. The light weight of FRP makes transportation and installation around the jobsite easy.

From building stair towers to any configuration of FRP stairs and platforms, ReadyStair’s pre-engineered components ensure easy installation and long-lasting performance. Whether you know exactly what you want or would like help with your configuration, our team can help you get just what you need. 


  • Building products
  • Cooling towers
  • Distribution & warehousing
  • Fertilizer & chemical operations
  • Food & beverage facilities
  • Industrial plants & facilities
  • Material handling
  • Oil & gas
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Power generation & utilities
  • Warehouse & distribution
  • Water & wastewater
  • Much more

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Along with ReadyStair and other ReadySeries materials, OSCO is your complete resource for a variety of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) industrial safety products, including pultruded fiberglass gratingFRP molded grating and other FRP structures. We’re also your one-stop shop for utility markers, cathodic protection testing systems, marking flags and vinyl safety signs and decals.

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