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Meet any construction and safety structure need with our FRP systems and profiles. They’re available with integrated fire-resistant resins and OSHA safety yellow color, and they won’t corrode and fail like steel structures.

  • Refineries: FRP solutions from OSCO won’t corrode and are resistant to chemicals, so they hold up significantly longer than steel and aluminum in harsh refinery conditions. 
  • Offshore Rigs: Because FRP doesn’t rust, corrode or rot even under constant exposure to saltwater, ReadySeries and other FRP structural shapes are a great choice for offshore catwalks, platforms, guardrails and ladders. 
  • Oil & Gas Containment: Safety structures made with FRP can handle the highly corrosive environment of tank facilities. The combination of high strength and resistance to corrosion ensure that systems with FRP handrails, platforms, stairs and more will last and last. 

The Advantages of FRP

  • Resists Corrosion — Fiberglass doesn’t warp, rust or rot, plus it absorbs little moisture.
  • High Strength — Pound for pound, FRP delivers the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight.
  • Easy To Install — Only standard tools are needed.
  • Stable — Fiberglass doesn’t swell or shrink, ensuring dimensional stability.
  • Built-In Safety Features — Nonslip surfaces are available, plus FRP is nonconductive to reduce the risk of shock. 
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free — Coloring is molded throughout, so it never needs painting.


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