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Design Flexibility: Because FRP profiles can be produced in a variety of shapes and colors to your exact specifications, you can create FRP décor and design elements that will hold their shape and color for years without requiring maintenance.

Dimensional Stability: While steel rusts and corrodes and wood swells and shrinks, FRP is stable. Whether you use FRP structural shapes for aesthetics or strength — or both — you can count on the design to stay just how you want it. 

Functionality: Sometimes a simple design element can cause complex issues, such as a basic steel privacy mesh interfering with communications. FRP doesn’t interfere with radio waves, isn’t magnetic and won’t conduct electricity, so it can be used around sensitive equipment.

The Advantages of FRP

  • Resists Corrosion — Fiberglass doesn’t warp, rust or rot, plus it absorbs little moisture.
  • High Strength — Pound for pound, FRP delivers the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight.
  • Easy To Install — Only standard tools are needed.
  • Stable — Fiberglass doesn’t swell or shrink, ensuring dimensional stability.
  • Built-In Safety Features — Nonslip surfaces are available, plus FRP is nonconductive to reduce the risk of shock. 
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free — Coloring is molded throughout, so it never needs painting.


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